SSAS in English

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The Swedish Shoulder and Elbow Society was founded in 1994 as a section of the Swedish Orthopaedic Society. Since then a yearly meeting for a two-day educational and social event has been arranged, and in 2001, 2003, 2006 and 2009 together with the Danish Shoulder and Elbow Society. Since 2011 also as Scandinavian together with the Norwegian Society, next will take place in Malmö 2013. Many foreign speakers have been visiting the meeting.

Also the Swedish shoulder surgeons has got a National delegate in SECEC/ESSSE, and several Swedes are working within that organisation.

Since 1999 there are two registries and one more in the beginning, administered by the Swedish society, The Swedish Shoulder Arthroplasty Registry and The Swedish Elbow Arthroplasty Registry, and soon the Instability shoulder Registry. (Links on uppermost rigth side this page).