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Indications for shoulder surgery (in swedish) by SSAS and NKO:

Shoulder arthroplasty for osteoarthrosis, reumatoid arthritis or fracture is performed in a large number of the Orthopaedic departments in Sweden. The results of these surgical procedures are usually considered very good concerning painrelief and often also functionally. But like all arthroplasties there is a possibility for complications, both during and after surgery, as well as late loosening of the implant.

There are few national registries for shoulder surgery today, and following the good examples of the Swedish hip and knee arthroplasty registries, the Swedish Shoulder and Elbow Society 1994 decided to begin planning for such a registry for shoulder arthroplasties. The registry started 1999 and covers about 90% of the Swedish production.

The primary analyses will be between the results of different implants, diagnoses and concepts (Hemi-Total, Cemented-Uncemented).
The outcome is measured by reported re-operations, but also by a 5-year follow-up with patient administered enquiries by mail (WOOS and EQ-5D quality of life scores).

The international presentations from the registry 2007:

SECEC closed meeting, Frankfurt 2007-06-15 - 17. The Swedish Shoulder Arthroplasty Register. 5-year follow-up by WOOS-score in 616 primary shoulder arthroplasties.

Here is the Powerpoint presentation.

10th International Congress on Surgery of the Shoulder, Brazil, 2007-09-17 - 20. The Swedish Shoulder Arthroplasty Register. An analysis of 255 re-operations on arthroplasties reported to the registry.

Here is the Powerpoint presentation.

These are the forms that the register use (Will be in english as soon as possible):